World's Top Racers Trust LiquidAider

David Knight - 5x FIM World Champion, 4x AMA National Champion, ISDE Overall Winner, 2019 FIM World Senior Champion @davidknightmbe 

"Awesome piece of kit, very impressed as making drinking in race conditions much easier so you can concentrate on the race. Thank you LiquidAider!"

Ron Ribolzi, 7x USA ISDE Team @elineaccessories 

"My experience is you learn to hydrate constantly, not just when you are extremely thirsty after a special test. You learn to keep water coming regularly and you eliminate the discomfort of thirst or needed hydration. Additionally you can drink under acceleration! The system worked flawlessly"

LiquidAider online review

Jim Senecal 6x NETRA Champion @netra_org

"I tried it and absolutely LOVED it. Everything worked great and it made staying hydrated so easy. I am hooked for life. Thanks LiquidAider!"

 Alpine Moto Crew @alpinemotocrew 

"The system worked flawlessly. Opened my mouth, held the button throughout different parts of my ride and received water. It was different and very pleasant to drink some water while climbing up the mountain without slowing or stopping to grab a tube."

The Dirt Bike Rider @thedirtbikeriderofficial

"AWESOME. I love it!"

LiquidAider online review

707 Trail Riders @707trail 

"I have to say the LiquidAider is one of the most innovative products to hit our market in a long time. I love the fact that I have hydration at the push of a thumb. It comes in handy when riding extreme tight hard single track or a bumpy section or a hill climb and you can't take your hands off the handlebars to grab a hose. That is no longer a problem with LiquidAider. I will never ride again without it. Simple to install. I highly recommend this product.

SCORE Class 11 Suavecito Racing (Jeremy Wade Robinson)

"Were going to use it in one of race cars for the 2019 Baja 1000. I’ve tested the system and still using it and it works great. We used it last year at Baja 1k, Mint 400, and Baja 500 in our 11 car. It is legit.

Deviant Racing BITD Pro UTV Class @deviantracing 

"It was an awesome addition to the program!"