About Us

Our Team

Matt Steele, Owner and CEO. Inventor of LiquidAider.

35 years engineering project planning, management, and development starting with NASA (JPL) and moving through oil & gas, Department of Energy, and Department of Defense. Matt grew up racing motocross in southern California then migrated to road racing, the returned to motocross and desert riding. He races the occasional enduro and rides his 2015 Husqvarna TE300 often in SW USA and Baja.

Mark Soderberg, Owner and Vice President of Engineering

40 years product engineering and corporate management. Mark started developing offroad products as an engineer at Scott where he developed the “Bob Hannah” race boot. While not even close to his greatest accomplishment, working with Bob Hannah and all the top racers of the day certainly was fun. More recently at BOA, Mark took a crude prototype concept (BOA itself) and developed it into the great product it is. Mark ran BOA as CEO for 10 years. Mark also held engineering product development and management positions at Levo, Boeing, Specialized, CEO of Volant, and Bench Sentry. Mark was also a professional downhill bike racer. It’s been a long time since Mark spent half his work day “doing product development” on a 2-stroke with the nation's best, but Mark still rides his KTM 490 and a carbon fiber Specialized bike on the mountain trails of Colorado when his schedule allows.

YOU, Product Expert and Corporate Contributor

YOU guide us. You are why we exist. Input from YOU improves our product development focus. And in addition to YOU, we have received input from some of the top racers in the off-road world.

YOU have to stay mentally focused and hydrated to perform at your best. Dehydration is often the reason we crash or lack stamina and we just don’t realize it. Because of personal experiences we all have with dehydration and bonking, we provide to YOU technologically advanced yet simply executed solutions to combat this problem. Our solution, LiquidAider, will evolve with help and product input from YOU. Thank YOU for being part of our team.