Terminate thirst at high speed in any terrain!

Wireless push-button hydration

LiquidAider™ turns your helmet into a water fountain

Zero effort and no mouth tube

Used in Baja 1000, Baja 500, MINT 400, UTV Championships, and enduro races everywhere

Don't Suck!™

LiquidAider Components

Product information

We're producing the first production systems!

July 12 2019. We're in Taiwan inspecting the first production parts. Pricing will be announced in August. 

We'll have 100 units in the hands of magazines and top riders/racers in August 2019. We plan on pre-sales starting in August.

If you are nationally ranked in any form of off-road racing or are with a magazine, blog, or have a big online presence and want to be included CONTACT US.

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