Terminate thirst at high speed in any terrain!

Wireless push-button hydration

LiquidAider turns your helmet into a high power water fountain

Zero effort and no mouth tube

Used in Baja 1000, Baja 500, MINT 400, UTV Championships, and enduro races everywhere

Don't suck!

Product information

  • What is LiquidAider

    LiquidAider™ is the first wireless, push-button hydration system and enables you to hydrate at any speed in any terrain with no mouth tube and no s...
  • LiquidAider Features

    LiquidAider's features make drinking water and staying hydrated easy and hands-free. Here are some of the major features that will make you a safer rider and increase your performance. You'll never use a bite valve again.
  • How does LiquidAider work?

    Pretty simple really: push the button and water squirts in your mouth. LiquidAider is hands-free and effortless hydration at any speed in any terr...
  • What to buy?

    What to buy if I have 2 motorcycles? LiquidAider LiquidAider spare button - for the other bike. What to buy if I have 2 helmets? LiquidAider...
  • Technical geek and want to know more?

    As simple as LiquidAider is to install and use, LiquidAider is a complex integration of custom molded parts, electronics on custom PCBs, and custo...

Development Progress

We are building molds and gearing up for production.

We will initially release LiquidAider through a crowdfunding site. We will launch the LiquidAider crowdfunding effort in April.

We are working on the manufacturing schedule with the mold and tooling factories in China and Taiwan. Our overseas teams manufacture components already on your off-road vehicles and bikes. Follow us on Instagram to see our travels and manufacturing facilities.

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